It seems anything goes today in the world of sexual orientation and if you have questions or concerns you need to shut your mouth or you will be labeled hateful and bigoted! How dare you question the sexual desires or perversions of those around you? Homosexual is fine. Transgender is fine. In fact these ‘alternate’ lifestyles are not only ‘tolerated’ they are encouraged on the nightly network news, television programs, the local classroom, music specials and the list goes on and on. But speak up for traditional marriage, family values or God forbid Christian principals and you will be targeted on the spot. How dare you be heterosexual and proud?

You are intolerant based solely on the Bible and it’s teachings of heterosexual marriage involving a man, a woman and the Creator as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence and referenced throughout the Federalist papers and other founding documents.

I must admit I am finding the world a dangerous place to my beliefs and my family. The Heterophobic crowd is growing ever more intolerant and hostile to me and my beliefs. I wonder when the Democratic Party, the ACLU or other agents of tolerance and diversity will recognize my plight and defend me from the marauding attackers from the extremist progressive left.

So why is everyone so scared of the straight guy?

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