Football Friday nights and tailgating on the weekends will soon just be a story of a time since passed. The era of American gridirion heroes will soon be history. There is plenty of blame, but those on the right and the left will be able to dance at this funeral and both will be partially right.

Those on the right were ruled by greed. The NFL went years without addressing the crucial issue of head injuries. The cash was rolling in and so they all looked the other way. Why admit something is wrong when the register is so hot? Now lawsuits are stacking up and the line is still getting longer with players filing grievances.

On the left came the progressive unions and the drumbeat of solidarity. Starved for cash in a society that had passed them by, the unions looked for new ways to fill their coffers and try to retain a piece of power from the glory days. The unions set their sights on college sports and in a world ruled by federal agencies and not elected officials the National Labor Relations Board agreed football players could unionize.

In the end, the NFL owners will take their money and leave the field. The colleges will close up shop rather than kneel down at the feet of players and their unions demanding a piece of the action. They will all just say no thanks and no more.

Football is dead in America and we are all to blame.

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