The early forecast was that Katrina would remain the world champion of misery in American history but that certainly is no longer the case. Harvey is now the undisputed king of natural disasters in the United States. The projected bill, conservatively is already $160 Billion dollars and that is double what Katrina cost the country 12 years ago.

It has taken 12 years for another Category 3 or better hurricane to make landfall in this country but when it finally did it was a record breaker. Harvey has left more than 20 dead, resulted in 20,000 rescues and will leave Texas working to clean up for a long time to come.

President Donald Trump is dealing with the greatest natural disaster at least since Katrina and maybe since Camille in 1969. Many vacant posts at all levels of emergency agencies because of political gamesmanship from Democrats have hindered Trump’s administration. Those same Democrats should without delay allow the appointments of the President to move through unfettered and put aside the partisan politics. It is time to put America first.

In a few days the next storm, which will bear the name Irma could be bearing down of the east coast according to the computer models. If the predictions prove to be accurate the Trump administration could face an unprecedented one-two punch of natural disasters.

It is interesting to note that the 24-hour news cycle is in a total frenzy about the historical nature of Harvey and use the word ‘unprecedented’ at an ever faster pace. The talking heads are babbling so fast they can barely catch their breath but somehow most of the left leaning commentators that openly despise President Trump seem unable to admit that he has so far handled this crisis very well. Despite the lack of people on his team The President is getting the very most out of who is on the field.

The worst offender I saw today was Fox News. In a poll the network actually presented a question is Trump ‘tearing the country apart’ or pulling it together. What the hell kind of a question is that? No wonder the media actually polls far worse than The President!

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