It seems the Democrats along with their beloved, faithful media are convincing themselves that they are about to walk into controlling the House and the Senate because the world so vehemently hates President Trump. The anti-Trump messaging has been at exceptionally high volume for weeks now. In fact if you choose to watch CNN or MSNBC you will find it is fever-pitch.

It would seem with all of this left wing driven anti-Trump fanfare that they must be filling up the war chest and getting ready to take Capital Hill by storm. However, it seems the Democrats lone message of President Trump is bad just isn’t ringing the cash register. In fact, the store is having a lot of real trouble. In the latest reporting period Republicans set an all-time record for cash in an off year racking up $10.2 million dollars in donations. The Democratic Party bereft of any real message or alternative came in with only about a third of that with $3.8 million.

The Democratic National Committee is headed by the openly foul mouthed Tom Perez who I am sure gets good laughs with his four-letter-word-rants focused on Trump with his Hollywood friends but that kind of open vulgarity on hostility doesn’t seem to be playing anywhere else in America very well. The Democrats it seems still look like an awful alternative to the Republicans and yes to Donald Trump.

Don’t underestimate the ability of Americans to decipher and filter out the trash coming through their TV’s, radios and other devices each day to see there isn’t any meat on the bone of the Democratic pitch. “We hate Trump”, just isn’t a message that can deliver real results come November of 2018. And honestly don’t count The President out quite yet. So many have done that so many times that it just gets ridiculous. I do however still enjoy when relics and hacks like Bill Kristol are paraded out under the banner of ‘Republicans (fill-in-the-blank) go after Trump on X, Y and Z. That has about as much meaning as ‘Bill Clinton today discussed the importance of keeping your hands to home during a date’.

I say follow the money. Right now the GOP is setting records for fundraising while Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and whole tribe cannot seem to muster any momentum at all.

I will keep you posted.

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