It would seem the left should be celebrating it’s tolerance advances in America with major victories in Gay Marriage, pot becoming legal in state after state and hate speech being regulated to the point of criminalization. Not to mention America has elected a black man President, twice.

But with each major victory, the left, which preaches tolerance and acceptance and inclusion grow louder and become ever more shrill in their attacks on anything they see as unfit for discussion. This foray into clamping down on anything that may offend anyone, primarily minorities in American society but certainly not white folks, specifically men is encouraged to the point that it is promoted.

In fact the left has declared war on the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution and much of the rest of the Bill of Rights. Of course they will says that is certainly not the truth but my friends it is. Lets look at what is going on; first of all anything that is a ‘trigger’ to some negative emotional response is not allowed, saying or writing anything that may offend anyone else, again minorities are the only real victims, that is simply not allowed. It has caused Universities and other politically correct factions to make sure students have ‘safe zones’.

Columnist Edward Luce wrote about it recently and covered the topic well and in great detail.

This is an excerpt from his article:

Far from outgrowing race, the PC movement is entrenching it. Princeton students this month occupied the university president’s office demanding the name Woodrow Wilson  America’s 28th president and former head of Princeton — be scrubbed from campus. That included the prestigious Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs, residential halls and a mural of him in the dining hall. Protesters also demanded “cultural competency training” for faculty members and the introduction of mandatory courses on marginalized peoples.

The case against Wilson is simple. He reintroduced segregation into the federal workforce. The case in his favor is that he is an important historic figure. He was also author of the Treaty of Versailles. Once you start eliminating names, it is a journey without end. Logic would demand the renaming of Washington, since America’s first president owned slaves. Others, such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, were guiltier. Should they be judged solely on that? Winston Churchill was an unabashed imperialist. Yet history judges him kindly for standing up to Nazism. What about Franklin Roosevelt? America’s 32nd president did not lift a finger to advance civil rights. He also interned 120,000 Japanese-Americans in the Second World War. There is no such thing as an uncomplicated historic figure.

Campus libraries put “trigger warnings”  on works of fiction: students are warned off Ovid’s Metamorphoses because it depicts rape, Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice (anti-semitism), F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (misogyny) and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird (patriarchy). The term “microaggression” — giving unconscious verbal offence to marginalized groups — has entered everyday vocabulary.

I have read the Constitution many times. You would do well to do the same and make sure your kids read the founding document as well. The bottom line is freedom of speech means exactly that and there is no guarantee that you will not be offended. In fact I would suggest being offended is good for you and good for our republic.

Be bold, speak up and stand up for what you believe.

I am Steve Gruber and I am speaking up and giving a voice to the silent majority!

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