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When are these people on the left going to stop interjecting politics into our children?

When are these people on the left going to stop interjecting politics into everything?

Please leave your polluted minds and ideology off our children and let them grow up with some peace and tranquility.

Can you not just let them grow up and learn that 2 + 2 = 4, do you have to tell them that 2 + 2 might seem like it equals 4 but if a LGBTQ person is involved it may not?

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting on the world’s largest mathematics education organization, The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), which now wants to “use math for a certain social agenda”.

They published an article in their September 2017 issue of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, titled "#OscarsSoWhite and Not So Right Problem".  In this article they instructed their readers to consider the demographic breakdown of Academy Awards nominees, and "explore this social issue with math."

Crystal Kalinec-Craig, a math educator at the University of Texas at San Antonio wrote in the article:

Think about what the nominations would look like if they reflected the diversity in the United States and in the film industry

When Ms. Craig was asked how is her question relevant to the subject of math she was quoted in the article stating:

Mathematics is more than numbers and symbols," explaining that she does "espouse sociocultural/sociopolitical theories of learning and teaching [the subject].

It does not stop there, other recent NCTM-published articles include

  • "Being a Girl Mathematician: Diversity of Positive Mathematical Identities in a Secondary Classroom,"
  • "Unpacking the Male Superiority Myth and Masculinization of Mathematics at the Intersections: A Review of Research on Gender in Mathematics Education,"
  • and "Creating Zines: Supporting Powerful Math Identities."

Can we leave social justice out of mathematics, many children already seem to have a problem with math if you look at the national test scores.

What is more concerning is how these liberals want to infuse politics into children at such an early age.  That is definitely a sign of brain washing and anyone who attempts to do this to anyone, especially children, should not be allowed access to children.

For my friends who believe I am picking on Liberals then I ask you where do you see so many signs of people on the right who are attempting to brain wash children, I contend that you do not.

In the end just admit that 2 + 2 does equal 4 and it will always equal 4 no matter what you try to wrap it in.  I am sure that many in the LGBTQ community are thinking the same as me.

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