Here is a piece I wrote in 2014: I often ponder why we, America cannot secure our borders.  The American military can enter another country and do astounding things like capturing Osama Bin Laden or end two World Wars. We do have the world’s largest military at our disposal that has technology far greater than any other country and yet we cannot come up with a plan to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants.

I haven’t heard much in the media about the hundreds of children fleeing their homeland of Central America entering the United States in Texas and being shipped to Arizona. Once in Arizona the migrants are being dispersed around our country and sent to major cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville and Miami.

In an article titled, Food, water, smiles greet migrants shipped to Arizona, author Daniel González wrote “Over the Memorial Day weekend, about 400 migrants from Central America were flown from Texas to Tucson, where they were processed by the Border Patrol and then turned over to the custody of ICE [US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement].”

Is all the hype about Bergdahl a bait and switch? HEY! Look over here while hundreds of illegal immigrants cross our border. Don’t get me wrong it is unfortunate that children have to deal with the plight of their home country. However, we need a sound system in place that will deal with this issue. We cannot continue to blindly allow illegal immigrants into the United States and disperse them around the country hoping that someone, somewhere will help them.


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