Brian Ellis wasn't nearly as well known as he is now.  He's the Republican candidate that other GOP members seem to be flocking to support..

Ellis is running for the 3rd District Congressional seat now held by Justin Amash. reported Tuesday that Amash has become an island, left on his own to fund his close primary race.  Prominent Republicans, including Congressman Mike Rogers, said not only is he "not" donating to Amash's reelection campaign, he plans to "back" Ellis in the battle.

Ellis, speaking on the Steve Gruber show with Jo Anne Paul this morning, says given Amash's voting record, he's not surprised.

Ellis also says Amash doesn't have the right attitude to get things done in Washington, D. C.

Amash has been unavailable for comment but supporters say he has voted against some of the legislation backed by fellow Republicans because he says many of the items contain "pork" projects that he doesn't support, forcing him to turn thumbs down to the entire package.

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