A recent climate change report, that paints a dire picture for much of the country and the world, is being criticized as politicizing the issue.  In fact, some believe the report was prepared with direct guidance from the Obama administration and is not rooted in scientific fact.

Some disputing findings of Climate Change Report

MLive.com is reporting that researchers at Michigan State University were among those from the Midwest that outlined the effects of the changing climate on the country, region by region.

Those in Michigan and the surrounding areas are said to suffer through warmer-than-normal seasons ahead, after coming off of some of the coldest weather we've seen in decades.

The report says a significant number of 95 degree temperature days could be seen in the region by 2041.  The increase said to be anywhere from 5 to 15 more days per year.

In addition, heavy rainfall is expected to jump as well.  That, coupled with the hotter temps, will cause some trees to thrive while others will fail.

Planting seasons, initially, would be extended then would likely decline with an increased chance of crop damage due to droughts, heat waves and floods.

But not all are buying into the report and its dire projections.

James Taylor, Senior Fellow for Environmental Policy for the Heartland Institute, appearing on the Steve Gruber Show with Steve and Jo Anne Paul, said the report was tailor-made to the message of the Obama administration.

In fact, Taylor says there's significant evidence to prove that they're predictions are way off base.

Taylor says the evidence to back up what he says can be found on the Heartland Institute's website.

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