The independent investigation, commissioned by Lansing Mayor Virg Bernaro after the failed ice storm response by the Board of Water and Light, is due to be released today.

In a written statement issued by Bernaro's office today, the mayor announced that those with the BWL Community Review Team are scheduled to deliver their final report to him at 1 o'clock this afternoon.

Hundreds of thousands of customers lost electricity when ice downed trees and powerlines.

Members, headed by Brigadier General Mike McDaniel, will outline where they believe the utility failed its customers--some who were left powerless for up to two weeks over the Christmas holiday.  The report will also outline proposals that could alleviate problems in the future.

Those at the Board of Water and Light have also conducted their own probe and found more technology that would post outages online, coupled with more line crews and better communication, would have prevented many of the problems that occured last December.

Many of their suggestions have already been implimented.

Some state lawmakers, though, think the report is a good idea but more oversight of the utility is needed.  They would like to have representatives from various groups on the commission which oversees the company and its services.

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