It looks like icy road conditions--or the potential of it--won't be keeping people at home for the holiday.  Triple A out with its annual holiday travel forecast and finds about 3 million in the state will be heading somewhere for Christmas.

The vast majority, 92-percent, will be making their way to Grandma's by car.  Most of the rest will be flying, although some have said they plan to take a train to their destination.

But it won't just be holiday revelers out for a trip to see family or friends.  Police will also be out in force again.  Federal funding is allowing for increased enforcement for the travel period.  Police say they'll be focusing on speeders, drunk or agressive drivers and those not wearing a seat belt.  Statistics have shown the number of those complying with the seat belt law in Michigan is actually down a bit but still above the national average for usage.  It is a primary offense in the state for anyone riding in the front seat of a vehicle to not wear a seat belt.