The first half of this episode of Steve Gruber's Weekend Edition is dedicated to the growing story revolving around Planet Fitness and their policy towards transgendered people. Women's rights activist Cathy Brennan from Gender Identity Watch says that these policies put women and children at risk. Steve agrees.

Steve argues that the policy at Planet Fitness is a case of Emotion v. Sense and Ms. Brennan does not disagree. She argues further that children are the ones most at risk when such policies become law.

This week, two policemen were shot in Ferguson, MO after the resignation of the Chief of Police there. Steve reacts to the natural sound of the shooting as posted in a YouTube video and particularly a voice in the crowd that Steve says characterizes the Administration's involvement in Ferguson. Also, President Obama speaks up.

The final segment of this weekend's show is devoted to the topic of immigration, in response to comments made by Senator David Vitter (R-LA) and by Harry Reid (D-Nevada) both of which are in opposition to President Obama's policy on immigration, and both of whom Steve applauds for speaking up, especially when common sense is usually ridiculed by the Beltway.

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