Charles Owens is the state director for the National Federation of Independent Business in Michigan, and a co-chair of the Small Business for a Better Michigan Coalition.

Tax hike coalition hides behind lobbyist reforms

Steve Gruber: Charlie Welcome Back

Charles Owens: Good Morning

Steve Gruber: Co-Chair of the Small Business for a Better Michigan Coalition as well. Tax Hikes seem to be all the rage I mean lets start at the top we need 52 trillion dollars in new Revenue to take care of her health care plan apparently. That tax hike mentality comes all the way back to that  state and local level doesn't it.

Charles Owens: yes it does

Steve Gruber: so what is going on in what do you mean they're hiding behind lobbyists reforms as tax hike Coalition and who is the tax hike Coalition.

Charles Owens: Well basically you and I both know if somebody went around it campaign for tax hikes probably wouldn't get a lot of interest from citizens and businesses and others so instead they put out front that they're out there to reform lobbying laws in Michigan you know those evil grubby lobbyists you know we're going to open how much should a college meals they can buy for lawmakers and they have to disclose who they talk to.

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