Yesterday Governor Whitmer discussed what she called a wide-ranging $5.6 billion "COVID Recovery Plan".  A plan in which she is asking the Federal government to pay for 90% of it.

We often hear that we must look at where politicians want to spend our money to see where the priorities lie.  So I decided to do just that and examine who she believes was the worst hit by the negative consequences of her executive orders.

In that plan, she stated that she wants to give schools $2 billion dollars and businesses only $225 million for programs administered through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  Those funds would be disbursed as grants for “high-tech start-ups, restaurants and other "placed-based businesses" and to support small businesses”.

High-tech start-ups instead of businesses that are already up and running and slowly dying on your executive order vine.  What that means is even less money will go to restaurants and small businesses, the businesses that bore the consequences of your decisions.  Businesses that are closing weekly if not daily.  Decisions that were not made due to science but instead due to politics.

Even your fellow businesses slayer in chief tweeted the following, now that the election is over:

She wants to give 9 times more money to schools, schools that did not lose much if any funding.  Administrators never missed a paycheck, teachers never missed a paycheck, in fact, teachers were given additional funds in the form of hazard pay in the amount of $500.00 because they had to work from home.  I was told the hazard pay was to pay for computers, printers and other equipment.  What teacher does not have a computer and a printer at home?

To make this simple, Governor Whitmer wants to give 9 or even 10 (due to funding High-tech startups) times more money for a business that she did not shut down as compared to businesses she did shut down.

The Detroit News reported the following:

“The education element of the program features $1.7 billion from the federal government and $300 million in state dollars to help schools "meet the governor’s goal of providing every student with an in-person learning opportunity by March 1 and to help address the learning loss that has occurred due to the pandemic," according to a press release.

What does she mean “in-person learning opportunity by March 1”, have they not been teaching these children all of this time?  

“Learning loss”, is she admitting that Michigan students received below-average educational instruction?

As of the 2018-2019 school year, there were approximately 1,508,000 K-12 students.  I would say that the very large majority of them already have personal computers or computers provided by the schools.  What are they going to spend that $2 billion on exactly?

Whitmer then stated in a press release:

"To help grow and strengthen our economy, we must provide crucial support for our families, small businesses and front-line workers”

I would agree that we must provide support for families and small businesses that were directly negatively affected by your decisions.  The question I have is what took you so long to finally realize that?  Why couldn’t the state of Michigan do something for these people before the Federal government did?  You knew Pelosi was going to let people suffer in hopes they would blame President Trump and not vote for him, yet you sat there and ate Mackinaw fudge as your state economically burned.

I am just guessing on the fudge, she could have been eating the $15 dollars a pint ice cream Nancy Pelosi keeps in her $20,000 dollar refrigerator.

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