BREAKING: ISIS Camp Near US Border
Here's an interview I had with Judicial Watch in 2014! Take a listen. We should be concerned about the border.
The government watchdog organization Judicial Watch has uncovered an ISIS training camp in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, set up with the assistance of Juarez cartels just 8 miles from…
My Immigration Thoughts From 2007
Back in 2007 before I even had my own radio talk show I wrote and spoke about our immigration problem here in the United States.
I called these segments Renk's Rants. I use to write these and come into the studio of the radio show I eventually took over and present them on air...
MA State Rep Warns Illegals of Possible Raid
What are we supposed to do with a Massachusetts state legislator who actually warned illegal immigrants about a “rumor” of a planned ICE raid in Brockton Massachusetts on Tuesday and Wednesday?
According to a report from a local CBS Affiliate in Boston Massachusetts State Representative Michelle DuBo…
Trump’s Executive Order and the 9th Circuit’s Ruling
Reviewing the executive order and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling.
The Trump administration and many terrorist experts believe that terrorists in nations with no central control, no real documentation to assess via a vetting process can get to the USA in a way that is dangerous...
Mass Deportation or Not
The big talk of the town these days is if Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is backsliding on his primary promise to deport all illegal immigrants.
If you believe that is what he wanted to do, and if you believe the “evolving” of his stance to deporting all il…

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