What are we supposed to do with a Massachusetts state legislator who actually warned illegal immigrants about a “rumor” of a planned ICE raid in Brockton Massachusetts on Tuesday and Wednesday?

According to a report from a local CBS Affiliate in Boston Massachusetts State Representative Michelle DuBois, D-Brockton, warned her constituents in a Facebook post:

if you are undocumented don’t go out on the street. If there is a knock on the door of your house and you don’t know who it is, don’t open the door

She published another Facebook posting which stated:

ICE raid in Brockton on 3/28 and 29th
If you get picked up by ICE call legal services direct line for immigration help: 774-488-5961

I got the following information from my friend in the Latin community:

I have a message for the immigrant community of Brockton. Please be careful on Wednesday 29. ICE will be in Brockton on that day.

If you are undocumented don’t go out on the street. If there is a knock on the door of your house and you don’t know who it is, don’t open the door. I ask you to be careful.

The question I have is what are we or I should say the legal system in Massachusetts supposed to do with this information?

If possible under Massachusetts or Federal law, should she be charged with a crime?

I say yes.

We cannot have people in positions who may be aware of upcoming raids of criminal activity warning the possible subjects of that raid.  What if it was a drug, sexual assault or some other criminal raid?

Bristol County Massachusetts Sheriff Thomas Hodgson testified in front of the House Subcommittee on Illegal Immigration that sanctuary cities:

have become magnets for illegal aliens, some of which have violent criminal records.  If these sanctuary cities are going to harbor and conceal criminal illegal aliens from ICE, which is in direct violation of Title 8 of the U.S. Code, federal arrest warrants should be issued for their elected officials.  Our citizens would be safer if we never stopped enforcing immigration law and if we never formed or turned a blind eye toward sanctuary cities.

Sheriff Hodgson called the State Representative Michelle DuBois actions “outrageous” in a quote from the article:

This is the most outrageous, outrageous example of what is going on across the United States that is undermining my job and every other law enforcement officer in the United States

State Representative DuBois said the rumor of the ICE raid was wide-spread in Brockton.

The problem with that statement is ICE has informed us it does not release any information regarding future operations and does not conduct random sweeps, checkpoints or raids.

An ICE spokesman was quoted in the article stating:

Any person who actively incites panic or fear of law enforcement is doing a disservice to the community, endangering public safety and the very people they claim to support and represent

So we come back to the question I posed, should the state or federal government charge an official of the State or Federal government with a crime if they inform potential targets of raid about a possible impending raid?

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