I have been telling my listeners for years, because it is just common sense, the number of legal or illegal immigrants does affect job openings a new study finds.

A new study titled Job Vacancies and Immigration: Evidence from Pre- and Post-Mariel Miami has found that increases in immigration either legal or illegal can cut the number or job opportunities available to American citizens or legal residents.

The papers authors reviewed commonly used indexes of job openings to determine the effect of immigration on opportunities and wages for Americans and legal residents.

They looked at three waves of immigration and found that job openings declined for several years following each wave.  The study concluded:

Our evidence consistently indicates that immigration-induced supply shocks are typically followed by a short-run period of slackness in the local labor market, as measured by the number of advertised job openings. The labor market, however, tends to recover after a few years

It is simple math, the more you have of something there will be a decline in what that something is or how it is priced.  When it comes to jobs the more people that seek those jobs will decrease the number of job openings.  Not only will it decrease the number of job available but it will also depress the wages offered due to competition.

The same principal holds true when it is applied to prices, the more you have a product the lower the price will be.  Why are there clearance sales, because they have too much of the product and they want to get rid of that product.  To get rid of their abundance of the product they could not sell at the original price they offer the product at a lower price.

It just make common sense, does it not?

So you must ask yourself why people and politicians of a certain ideology want increased legal or illegal immigration if it does or could harm their constituents which are American citizens.

I think I know why, do you?

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