Marc Lotter is the Trump 2020 Director of Strategic Communications.

Impeachment Vote

Marc Lotter: Well it doesn't look like any of these new so called rules, I’m not sure they are rules. If Republicans are going to be able to do anything because Adam Schiff single handedly controls this entire process. He can tell the Republicans who they can and cannot bring forward to defend the president. He can even tell witnesses not to answer Republican questions. I mean this is such a one-sided partisan witch hunt, that what you saw yesterday in the House, with the vote. That the only thing that was bipartisan in the House was “NO.” With this Inquiry we will only see one other thing.

Steve Gruber: Well let me ask you this, if Adam Schiff directs witnesses to not answer questions and so forth. At least that will be on camera and we will be able to see. At least I hope we will be able to see it.

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