William Wagner, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Former federal judge, Former federal prosecutor.


Impeachment continues with questions from Senators


Steve Gruber: Professor welcome back to the program
William Wagner: Good morning, Steve. Great to be back again.
Steve Gruber: Always good to have you here. All right, so let's explore that for just one moment. Then we'll look at some other things. What if it comes down to a 50-50 tie and then the Supreme Court Chief Justice. John Roberts is in a position where some say the Democrats, of course, he has to vote in favor of witnesses and Republicans say, well, he's not really allowed to vote because he's more of a figurehead in this whole process, but it will be new constitutional ground will It not what are your thoughts?
William Wagner: The Constitution is not clear on this what is clear is that the in cases of impeachment of a president that the Chief Justice presides the Constitution says now presiding is very different than governing. It's very different than you know adjudicating and we have already seen the Chief Justice.

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