Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

The ride sharing service Lyft is pulling the plug on all operations in California. The move comes ahead of a new law that would require the gig economy company to treat drivers as employees, which the company says is wildly expensive. Uber is expected to exit as well soon.

Steve Bannon is a lightning rod for political partisans was arrested Thursday along with 3 other people and charged with embezzling over $1 Million dollars out of a charity set up to build portions of the southern wall with Mexico. President Trump nailed a reporter that asked about it.

Joe Biden, boring, is a word that comes to mind for the former Vice President who has no intention of even campaigning hard around the country in the coming weeks. His campaign is not even leasing a campaign jet, which would be normal.

Last night he gave his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention.

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