Joe Biden

Joe Biden comes out of hiding
Joe Biden comes out of hiding after Democrats see the whole election caving in on them. The burning, rioting, and killing in American streets is costing them dearly with American voters especially black voters that are considered a cornerstone for the Democrats to win anything.
Three Big Things you need to know
The exodus of police officers is accelerating all over the country and they flee from city’s that are openly hostile to them and are putting them in danger every single day. More rioting and looting and destruction all weekend once again.
Three Big Things you need to know
Steve Bannon is a lightning rod for political partisans was arrested Thursday along with 3 other people and charged with embezzling over $1 Million dollars out of a charity set up to build portions of the southern wall with Mexico. President Trump nailed a reporter that asked about it.
Dems are demanding Billions dollars to the USPS
The war over mail in ballots is heating up. Democrats are demanding Billions of additional dollars to the United States Postal Service that loses billions every year. They say its about making sure mail in ballots work, but really its because they know President Trump has the inside track and they …

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