From the Steve Gruber News Desk:

Planned Parenthood is finally denouncing its Democrat founder and avowed racist Margaret Sanger, of course this comes 100 years after Sanger began her rampage aimed at eliminating black babies in America. Long after the left began a love affair with the organization.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are willing to buy votes, just like the Democrats it seems and Senator Rand Paul says you cannot even tell the difference anymore between the 2 parties.

The Corona Virus task Force held a briefing for the first time since April and the President was front and center. He even took time to advocate for masks, which is a huge departure from where he has been previously, but obviously he is being told that doing so may earn him back some votes.

Voting starts in some states in only 6 weeks now, so he is focused on how to close the deal, control the pandemic, keep the economy alive, and fight off the socialists at the door.

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