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Another slow day for Covid but Governor Whitmer is keeping her stranglehold on businesses BUT today the gyms in Michigan are fighting back and starting a 30 day ad blitz demanding to be heard and to be open!

Numerous reports say Governor Whitmer is blocking a portential football season involving at least 6 Big Ten teams including Michigan and Ohio State but apparently the Governor hates football so much. She is refusing the let the Wolverines take part. Yeah this is a big boost to Democrats.

It seems there are very BIG problems with voting irregularities in the City of Detroit and Wayne County. It should come as no surprise. Those same systemic problems were out in the open in 2016 during Jill Steins recount efforts and nothing was done about it. Now its worse.

By the way it has been 745 days since Governor Whitmer came on the program. And Elissa Slotkin has not been here in 270 days.

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