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Three Big Things you need to know
29% of Michigan residents have now been tested for Covid 19. Yet the states approach to how and when things will reopen remains completely unclear. That’s because the pseudoscience and games behind closed doors keep everyone guessing. Meanwhile theaters, gyms, and similar facilities like danc…
Another slow day for Covid
Another slow day for Covid but Governor Whitmer is keeping her stranglehold on businesses BUT today the gyms in Michigan are fighting back and starting a 30 day ad blitz demanding to be heard and to be open!
We Cannot Live Like Zombies!
We Cannot Live Like Zombies! That is the declaration of independence being shouted in the streets of Spain. Thousands of protestors are pushing back against new lockdowns and mandatory mask mandates. They say no more!
How Realistic Is A Coronavirus Vaccine?
Nearly $6 billion has been allocated. Clinical trials are entering a crucial third phase, and Operation Warp Speed is getting closer to the goal of delivering 300 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine by January.

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