It looks like students at Michigan State University will have a little longer break at home this year. Announced just today, December 31st, the Spring Semester will start remotely.

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In a letter from President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D., students were notified that the decision had been made to start the upcoming semester remotely. In the letter, President  Stanley noted that the decision was based on the latest surge in COVID-19 cases. The letter states that classes, scheduled to start January 10th, would be held remotely for the first three weeks of the semester.

"I realize that students prefer to be in person, and so do I. But it is important that we do so in a safe manner. Starting the semester remotely and de-densifying campus in the coming weeks can be a solution to slowing the spread of the virus. During the first three weeks, my leadership team and I will be reviewing case numbers and other COVID-19 trends regularly to determine what additional protective measures will be enacted", Stanley wrote in the letter.

Stanley addressed those who are scheduled to live residence hall and the plan in place saying,

"For those who were planning to move back to our residence halls next week, they will still be open and available. Some students may choose to remain in their other homes or locations during these weeks of online classes, and that is fine. For those returning to our residence halls during these three weeks, food and dining options will be available in our dining halls, and the library and IM facilities will remain open."

You can read the entire letter here.

The announcement come less than 24 hours after the Michigan State University football team won the Peach Bowl in Georgia beating the University Pittsburgh 31-21.

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