Michigan received $6,000,000,000 dollars exclusively for schools to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and to keep their schools open. The Daily Wire recently looked at how all the states were using their “Covid-19” windfall and much of it has nothing to do with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

According to reporting in Chalkbeat Detroit “Michigan schools will receive between $93 and nearly $28,000 per pupil as part of the latest round of federal stimulus that is infusing massive amounts of money into schools nationwide to help them cope with the pandemic and reopen schools”.

In that article they wrote:

On President Joe Biden’s first day in office, he told Americans that delivering $130 billion in supplementary funding to schools through his American Rescue Plan (ARP) would “provide schools the resources they need to reopen safely…We can [open schools] if we give school districts, communities, and states the clear guidance they need as well as the resources they will need.

Much of this Covid slush fund tax dollars are being sent to schools through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). I remind you these funds were supposed to be, as one publication the Detroit Chalkbeat wrote “a critical tool to help students through a time of historic upheaval”.

How did some Michigan schools spend their Covid slush fund tax cash “to help students through a time of historic upheaval”?  The Daily Wire study stated:

Michigan promoted using an “equity lens” to apportion money, including spending it on “professional development for all staff members in social emotional learning, trauma-informed care, and implicit bias.”

It said it would spend it on a Culturally Responsive School Leadership Institute Academies (CRSLIA) program that “challenges Whiteness and hegemonic epistemologies in school.”

Michigan schools that will open the 2022 year — the third year of coronavirus — online include Detroit, Ann Arbor, Oak Park, Lansing, Pontiac, and Southfield.

They receive millions and millions of dollars to deal with their Covid issues and as Biden stated “provide schools the resources they need to reopen safely”.  Apparently millions and millions of dollars are not enough.

To find out how much your Michigan school district received in Covid slush fund tax dollars click on the previous hotlink.  The following are some examples from that database:

  • Detroit received over $808 million dollars
  • Lansing schools received over $67 million dollars
  • Pontiac schools received over $39 million dollars
  • Battle Creek Schools received over $32 million dollars
  • Ann Arbor schools received over $15 million dollars
  • Southfield schools received over $14 million dollars
  • and Oak Park schools received $8 million dollars

All of those schools districts are closed for in-person instruction for the beginning of this 2022 school year or next week.  I am sure more will need to be added to this list unfortunately for the children. We have no idea when they intend on opening.

All of those school districts should be forced to give back their millions of slush fund tax dollars.  Also, the politicians who voted for these slush funds should be removed from their elected seats immediately for allowing them to spend our money on anything other than addressing the Covid issues they say they face.

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