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Oregon’s Governor proclaims that the ‘occupying forces’ of The United States will soon be leaving Portland. What does she think is The Middle East? Her city is getting destroyed every day and she just like every other Democrat seems thrilled to let it happen. By the way, the US Marshals are not leaving!

Much to the joy of Democrats, Louis Gohmert a Republican who has refused to wear a mask, is infected with Covid 19 but so far is not sick at all. We will see the leftist glee if he does.

The truth about mail in ballots is being found all over the country now and with as many as 100 million Americans planning to vote by mail this Election Year. There could in fact be a disaster in the making and NO I am not trying to get you all ginned up. I will leave that to some local news teams in Philadelphia, because they put the mail in ballot idea to the test.

How do you think it did? They were supporters of the idea by the way.

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