Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Michigan will begin to see votes cast on September 19th, not the earliest state, BUT that is really early in my opinion. I mean what if something really huge happens. Oh yeah you can cancel your ballot and do it again what could possibly go wrong?

John James tells Senator Gary Peters he wants to debate 4 times and Peters agrees. Which is a lot of debates, but hey I am all for it. Lets see what happens if the really do get together.

Another day of flat Covid numbers in Michigan with 573 cases and a handful of deaths. 5 is the official number, but what is really disconcerting is the cumulative data page on the Michigan. GOV website remember on July 15th when everyone was yelling about a huge spike in cases and the official report was 891 cases?

Yeah, the official number as of today is just 484. How can that be? Well we keep calling but nobody has returned our calls, emails or electronic messages, so what gives?

Officially July 6th at 651 new cases is by far the largest one day increase in weeks. The numbers are just a mess.


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