Inflation. It’s something we’ve not heard much about over the past 30 or 35 years. The last time we heard a lot about inflation was during the Carter years. Of course back then the entire economy was a complete mess. I never thought we’d see a darker day in America. I may have been mistaken.

Right now the Obama administration is telling us inflation is 1.5%. I’m here to tell you that is a BALD FACED LIE!

I will expose this undeniable truth over the next few days and weeks in terms so simple even the most ardent of Obama supporters might actually understand. You see simple math can be very frustrating when it contradicts what you have been following with little more than blind faith. The cult of personality will fold in the face of undeniable facts.

Lets begin with some simple examples:

a gallon of milk cost $2.69 in 2009 now it’s $4.28 on average. A pound of bacon rang up at $3.19 in 2009 now it’ll cost you $4.98. Coke sold a 24 pack for $5.98 in 2009 and now you put out $7.18. In the summer of 2009 Gold sold for $950 and it’s now selling for over $1200.

Oh and don’t overlook the cagey tricks of manufacturers and retailers. Look at the picture at the top of this story. I bought Club crackers three months ago and a new box last week. I tried to combine the two boxes but quickly realized the old cracker sleeves would not fit into the new box. They were two inches too long! No I’m not kidding. The new box is 2.3 ounces smaller and a little shorter.

So if you’ve found yourself over the past few years going “Wow... this is really expensive... everything is more expensive this must be inflation!”

You’re right! But now you ask yourself how can that be? I mean the official inflation rate from the Obama administration is just 1.5%. Well the government can calculate the rate of inflation with whatever is put on the list to check prices. So the inflation rate and the truth is once again buried. I mean you know you’re paying more and saving less, if you’re saving anything at all.

The way I calculate it so far the inflation rate is over 20%!

You’ve been warned.

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