The question I have for you all of you is if the "news" media does not act or report like the true unbiased news as they are supposed to be, if they choose not to fully inform the American citizen with unbiased impartial news, if they are only going to report on their agenda based ideology, then who are they serving?

Are they serving only themselves, are they serving their left leaning ideology or do you believe they are serving the American people by doing so?

If the answer is one of the first two choices then are they not some sort of an "enemy of the American people”?

I know that sounds very harsh but we have to face facts and the reality that presents us.  The press is given quite a bit of power in the first amendment, a power they should have but one they must hold in very high regard.  When you misuse your power, a power given to you by the American people then who are you serving?  If you are not serving the American people then what does that make you, again considering the power given to you by the American people, to serve us.

This is a very serious problem we as Americans are facing, caused in my humble estimation by the “news” media themselves.  We need a very strong, unbiased, impartial news media which can be a watchdog for the American people.

If they are only watching one dog then what good does it do for the American people, what purpose or whose purpose does it serve.

I want a very strong, free and impartial news media, we all deserve that and should want and expect that.  I do not care what politicians from any ideology they espouse if they truthfully and honestly report on those politicians and the policies that are espoused by them and passed by them, all of them.

I have spent years compiling evidence of anything from extreme bias, bias and slanting in the news.  It ranges from "fake" stories with no evidence on which they can base their stories on to slanting the stories of which they choose to report about.

I say what they choose to report on because the media also show's their bias by determining what stories they report on, which stories they do not report on and which stories they repeat over and over again.

We must all realize that the media decides what we as Americans will see, hear or read and which "news" media you watch or read determines what information we as American people will be made aware of or informed about.  More importantly the “news” media decides by themselves what they want you to see or read, thus be aware of or informed.  Unlike talk radio, if the radio host allows other opinions like mine does, you will not be able to confront the print or TV "news" with alternative views points or facts.

That is why it is vitally important that our media is fair, honest, unbiased and treats all subjects of their scrutiny with the same veracity.  I am not asking for them to go easy on politicians or groups that lean right as they have been doing to politicians or groups that lean left.  I am asking for them to treat all politicians and groups no matter what their political ideology is with the same extreme skepticism.

The main stream media reports endlessly that President Trump lies, have you ever heard a report by those same media organizations that President Obama lies?  Click on this Politifact link and you will see dozens of President Obama’s lies with sourcing.  Let me just remind you of a few; “If you like your doctor you can keep your Doctor”, “If you like your health-care plan, you can keep it”.

You can also go to the The Washington Post’s list of “Obama’s Biggest Whoppers”, for another list of President Obama's "lies".

Again did the main stream media say President Obama tells lies?  This observation alone is all you need to know when assessing the “news” media’s bias.

We as Americans must have a fair and balanced news media if we want our country to survive and continue in its’ great traditions, if not we will fall into some sort of dictatorship or secret government, i.e. the not much reported on secret deals with Iran in order to support the Iranian Nuclear deal.

The question remains, if the “news” media is not acting on the behalf of the American people by treating all politicians with the same skepticism then who are they acting on the behalf of?

If they are not acting on behalf of truth, justice and the American people then can they be labeled as some sort of an “enemy of the American people”?

The moral of this opinion piece is be skeptical, very skeptical of any “news” article you read or hear, and check your source by reading many different articles from different sources.

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