We have been discussing the use of our taxpayer dollars to fund the Food Stamp program for years on my radio show.  Specifically the fraud and abuse in the program, as well as the types of foods welfare recipients are allowed to purchase with those Food Stamps.

Our Congress has been debating for years whether we should restrict food stamp recipients from using our taxpayer dollars for the purchase of unhealthy, dare I say junk foods.

It should be noted that studies have found that families on food stamps do make similar purchases to those not on welfare.  However families on food stamps do spend a bit more on pop and sweetened beverages than non-food stamps families.

The question is who is paying for their purchases.  You can buy whatever you want with your money, but can you buy whatever you want with someone else’s money is another story.  We are all obligated to buy food for our children, does that mean you buy whatever they want?

The problem is clear on the difference between the ideologies, in an article published by The Daily Caller a Georgia Democrat Congressmen David Scott is quoted stating:

“Food surveillance violates the basic principles of this great country.”

He goes on to say: the idea of cashiers at grocery stores telling shoppers they couldn’t buy some food item was irksome to him.

Again the question really is when spending the taxpayer’s money, do food stamps recipients have a right to consumer choice?   Is it not the goal and our duty as civilized people for people on food stamps access to quality food?

In a Facebook posting Republican California Congressmen Doug LaMalfa is stated saying:

“An individual’s food choices with their own money are no one’s business but their own, however I do not believe taxpayer dollars should be used to buy sodas and other sugary items that provide minimal nutritional value. Those that rely on SNAP should instead be directed towards healthier alternatives.”

What side of the debate do you fall on?

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