You may have heard that our State government announced last month that all conditions have been met for the State to end its program of paying a portion of the Flint resident’s water bill.  Well as you can imagine the Flint mayor and residents are not happy about that.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has criticized Governor Snyder’s administration decision to end the credit program, even though the criteria spelled out at the inception of the credit program clearly stated that once the water was deemed to meet federal standards the credit program would end.

In a Detroit News article Governor Snyder is quoted saying:

I reaffirmed that we are following through on what we said we would do, which is basically (continuing the credits) until the water was deemed to be at acceptable standards

He went on to say that the most recent six-month round of testing shows lead levels in Flint tap water are now below the federal action limit.

The State points out that it was costing Michigan taxpayers about 2 million a month for these credits and the credit program is only ending 1 month earlier than originally expected.

I understand that Mayor Weaver is attempting to do what she believes is best for her constituents, in fact what her constituents want.  Although I do find it kind of funny that she wants the money for her constituents but does not want the State in the city any longer.

Mayor Weaver stated that she is concerned about the short notice that her and her constituents have been given, they were officially notified on January 24.  Although the State is saying that first told city officials on Dec. 12 that funding for the program would likely end one month after federal water standards were met.

Governor Snyder did note that independent experts, including Virginia Tech Professor Mark Edwards, who was one of the first experts to raise alarm bells, now agree that Flint water is safe to drink with a filter.

As many of us have faced in our own lives, people want our money but not our input.

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