More details have been coming to light in the sexual assault investigation regarding unnamed football players and a staffer at Michigan State University.

iSportsWeb is reporting that the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office has a warrant request for "obstructing an investigation" against the MSU staffer in question and that the other three players have warrant requests against them for sexual assault.

The exact nature and degree of assault charges is ultimately up to the Prosecutor.

Scott Hughes, a representative for the Prosecutor's Office, told iSportsWeb that the three sexual assault warrant requests stem from one incident, and the non-sexual assault charge against the staffer is related to the investigation surrounding that incident.

On Monday, Michigan State University said that Curtis Blackwell, a recruiting coordinator for MSU football, had been suspended with pay but would not confirm when his suspension started or details surrounding the decision. Blackwell was not specifically named in the iSportsWeb report.

A little over a week ago, reports surfaced that three unnamed football players and a staffer were the subjects of a sexual assault investigation and Title IX investigation on campus. The three unnamed players were evicted from campus housing but were allowed to attend classes, and the staffer was suspended from his position at that time.

The University did confirm earlier this week that Mark Dantonio and the rest of his assistant coaches remain full-time employees of the University.

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