Tom Constand is the President-Michigan Brain Injury Association, CPAN Board Member, and Brain Injury Provider Council board Member.


No Fault Reality Tour.

Steve Gruber: Joining me here on the program Tom Constand. He's been here before President of Michigan Brain Injury Association and CPAN board member Tom, good to see you

Tom Constand: Good to be here. Thank you.

Steve Gruber: Obviously, we spent a lot of time on this program over the past few months talking about those have been grievously injured talking about the changes that are coming for auto insurance in Michigan come July 2020. I wonder if we're making a difference in one of her making some Headway. I know obviously the governor when she realized the little girl that was run over by a hit-and-run driver.Driver as a pedestrian in Detroit got Governor Whitmer's attention enough to say well, maybe we shouldn't impose all this stuff now, but where are we in this process?

Tom Constand: Well the kind of a stay of execution in some ways. She put postponed until July I think of this year now 2020. We are working with various members of the legislature right now to try and fix some of the unintended consequences that occurred as a result of this law.

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