Another hunting issue will likely be on the ballot in Michigan and again the money and push is coming from outside the state.

The head of the HSUS to attend rally in Lansing

The Associated Press is reporting  that the president of the Humane Society of the United States is visiting Lansing today to support a plan to stop wolf hunting.

Wayne Pacelle will be joining other activists for a rally at the state Capitol.  Organizers claim his presence is simply to offer them solid data on the pros and cons of the practice.

Pacelle will then meet with volunteers in the Kalamazoo area.

Those against wolf hunting are pushing to have voters decide the issue in November.  They've gathered petition signitures to repeal laws that could allow the practice.

If the legislature acts on the issue, the vote could be moot.  If they don't, than voters will see three wolf-hunting related proposals to decide.

The state called for a controlled hunt last year targeting 43 wolves. Only about half that number was taken.

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