There is no doubt in the minds of those in Wyoming that it was a tornado that struck the community in west Michigan, but now official word from the National Weather Service.

Tornado damage clean up continues.

Assessors who were on the ground Monday in several areas of Kent County are confirming that the damage left by the storm system that hit late Sunday and early Monday was the result of an EF 1 Category tornado. is reporting that the twister hit initially at Burlingame Avenue and 64th Street shortly before 10:30 Sunday night.  It's believed to have stayed on the ground for about ten minutes.  The estimated winds of up to 110 miles per hour are being responsible for uprooting trees--some of which ended up on homes or other structures.  In Wyoming, officials say some houses were so badly damaged they may not be safe to re-enter.

A dog kennel was also destroyed in the tornado.  35 of the animals were rescued, but the search remains for one who took off and hasn't been seen since.

Meanwhile, residents are asking why they never received a warning of the impending doom.  Those from the National Weather Service office in Grand Rapids are quoted as saying the storm spawned the tornado so quickly, there wasn't time to get out an alert.  They claimed they had alerted residents earlier in the evening that conditions were right for the formation of tornados, though.

They say updates to radar and other forecasting equipment will be made later this month.  For some residents, though, who ended up in the hospital, they say any improvements can't come quickly enough.

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