The two people, who are charged now with phoning-in a bomb threat to Spartan Stadium, are said to have made the call to get away from police.

Two people now formally charged with making the bomb threat that forced the evacuation of hundreds at MSU....described as panhandlers

The two, identified as Anthony Shearer and Cynthia Spade, appeared in court in East Lansing on Thursday to face the felony charges.  They are being held in the Ingham County Jail. is quoting police as saying the two were spotted on the campus of Michigan State University on Wednesday after reports of panhandlers in the area.

It was after police took Shearer's information that the bomb threat was called in.

The report indicates Spade admitted to calling in the false bomb threat saying she was trying to create a diversion to allow the duo to make their escape.

Police believe the pair was trying to avoid having their criminal pasts uncovered.  Shearer is now facing charges as an habitual offender.

The bomb threat, which came in about 3:15 Wednesday afternoon, resulted in 200 people being evacuated from Spartan Stadium and two surrounding structures.

Those from the several agencies were called out to investigate, but no explosives were found.  The suspects could be ordered to pay restituition for the cost of the search as well.  If convicted, they face up to 4 years in prison.

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