Some residents in west Michigan say there is no doubt in their mind that it was a tornado that ripped through their community overnight.  But those with the National Weather Service aren't so sure and are planning a visit today to determine what exactly tore the roofs off buildings, downed power lines and uprooted trees.

Residents in some communities swear it was a tornado that swept through last night causing damage and injuries. is reporting today that the storm system moved through the area with high winds, lightning strikes and heavy rain causing damage and sending some to the hospital.

As those in Grand Rapids, Kentwood and Wyoming assess damage today, many say the noise of the system was characteristic of a tornado.

Jan Collins said it sounded like a freight train coming through.  "There was this rumbling sound, and it was raining especially hard, before the wind came out of nowhere."  That is just before a tree in her yard came crashing down on her garage.

Collins and others, according to the report, spent the night keeping watch.  They stood at intersections in the area this morning directing traffic away from the debris.

Those with the Kent County Sheriff's Department established a command center at the Home Depot store on 54th Street bringing together resources from the Grand Rapids, Kentwood and Wyoming police and fire departments.

While there was word of some being transported to the hospital, none of the injuries is reported to be serious in nature.

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