Is it 30,000 or is it 50,000 or could it be 200,000? How many minors from Central America have rushed north to cross illegally into Texas, Arizona and New Mexico? The truth is no one knows. What we can say for sure is that the hoards are swamping the boat. We can only take care of so many people. No matter what is said about America ‘can certainly’ handle the influx the truth is that is not certain.

Kids mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are now here illegally by the tens of thousands. They are being shipped in secrecy all over America under the cover of darkness and without public input. It is the lawlessness of Barack Obama at it’s ugly worst. Unable to get the Dream Act passed he unilaterally made the decisions to let it become the de facto law of the land anyway.

As a result these kids… some as young as three are making their way through a dangerous gauntlet of Coyotes, rapists and killers to make their way to the hope of the American border. I certainly cannot blame them for that dream but I can hold Mr. Obama responsible for the ones that die along the way. I can hold him responsible for the ones that are beaten, raped and abused along the way. It is Mr. Obama that has the chance to put an end to it. He won’t of course and that leaves conservatives like myself with a difficult choice. What now? We are a compassionate bunch and would never turn away a child in need but also understand that a boat that is sinking is of little use to anyone including children.

I would be willing to give President Obama credit for real immigration reform if he can get it done. I demand however that I am able to give him credit for closing and securing the border first!

What do you think?