It looks like the report of some of the children, flooding the border into this country from Central America to be housed in Michigan, is finally generating some conversation in Lansing.

Snyder and Miller differ on what to do with immigrant children

The Detroit News is reporting today that both Governor Rick Snyder and Congressman Candice Miller differ on what should happen to them once they get here.

Reports earlier this week indicated that a facility in Vassar in Tuscola County is being considered as tempoary housing for the children but no specifics are being released at this time.  City officials are quoted as saying they'll give details "once contracts are signed."

A spokesperson for the Governor has said that Michigan officials have not been part of the conversation.  Dave Murray says is is a federal government matter.

A spokesperson for Wolverine Human Services, which is organizing the effort to place the children in temporary shelters, says facilities are being sought all over the country.

While Snyder has not officially taken a stand on whether we should allow the refugees in Michigan, he has gone on record in favor of immigration reform.

Fellow Republican Candice Miller, though, has gone on record about the children possibly coming here.  The congressmember from Macomb County, said today that the government should return those who recently entered the U. S. illegally to their country.

She is also pushing for Congress to end aid to countries who are complicit in what she calls the illegal action of shipping children here--many without adult supervision.

Miller says President Obama acted outside the law to offer legal status to children who enter without their parents and is allowing the crisis to escalate.

She is proposing sending national Guard Troops to the southern border to help Border Patrol Agents there in securing the area and stopping thousands more children from entering the country illegally.

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