Steve Gruber, It is Game Day in America
It is Game Day in America on the right hand side of your screen dressed in Red and defending the millions of deplorables and working people across the nation, President Donald John Trump. On the left hand side the far left side of your screen the candidate picked to redeem Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, former Veep Joe Biden.
Steve Gruber, It’s about damn time somebody stood up to fight for America!
President Trump stood boldly in the sun Thursday to declare the 1619 Project and Critical race theory for what it is, racist garbage that will divide this nation in a way that it may never be put back together. He called it out for being propaganda and poison to our kids. The President demanding that children be taught about the greatness of America and our exceptionalism in the world today and for the last 240 years.
Steve Gruber, Child Rapist Set Free by Left Wing Zealots
Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now. A California couple whose home was burned to the ground leaving only the brick fireplace standing is accusing Veep nominee Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsome of standing on the ashes of their lives for a photo op...
Steve Gruber, News From Around The World
The President delivered a barn burner on night 4 of The Republican National Convention. His focus on the greatness of America and the risk the nation faces if it chooses an openly Socialist path forward with the Democrats.
From The Steve Gruber News Desk
News from around the world. Straight from The Steve Gruber News Desk. California is in pursuit of the most perfect Socialist Utopia wants to jack up its highest in the country income tax by 3 and half percent putting the highest marginal rate all the way to 16...

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