Voters in one critical swing state were told they had coronavirus. In fact thousands of people in the Tar Heel State were told incorrectly that they had been infected. They had to quarantine and they had to be monitored and none of it was true.

According to a brand new and stunning report, one of the principal founders of The black lives matter political movement has teamed up with an organization deeply tied to the Chinese Communist Party. Do these fools not know what they are messing with?

President Trump stood boldly in the sun Thursday to declare the 1619 Project and Critical race theory for what it is, racist garbage that will divide this nation in a way that it may never be put back together. He called it out for being propaganda and poison to our kids.

The President demanding that children be taught about the greatness of America and our exceptionalism in the world today and for the last 240 years.

Its about damn time somebody stood up to fight for America!

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