It's about damn time somebody stood up to fight for America!
President Trump stood boldly in the sun Thursday to declare the 1619 Project and Critical race theory for what it is, racist garbage that will divide this nation in a way that it may never be put back together. He called it out for being propaganda and poison to our kids. The President demanding tha…
Democrats are in full on panic
Democrats are in full on panic about the 2020 Presidential Election. How do I know? Well Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy the Election in Florida and is spending $100 million dollars starting right now. This is not the move of someone who thinks they are winning.
The Democrats wheel out another tell all behind the scenes book
The Democrats see another week and wheel out another tell all behind the scenes book. This time its antique reporter, Bob Woodward, who for reasons I will never understand was granted an interview with President Trump where they discussed the Coronavirus. As you can imagine, the left is screaming Tr…
Three Big Things you need to know
Nancy’s big day at the Salon has become a nightmare for the soon to be former Speaker of the House. She went to get her hair done at a closed Hair Salon, while the public was not allowed and she paraded around indoors with no mask on by the way my barber puts a mask on me for the whole thing.
Democrats Belittle Black RNC Speakers
“Uncle Tom” was one of the top trending topics on Twitter Tuesday morning following the opening night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) that featured several Black men making the case for Donald Trump to be re-elected.
Three Big Things you need to know
The exodus of police officers is accelerating all over the country and they flee from city’s that are openly hostile to them and are putting them in danger every single day. More rioting and looting and destruction all weekend once again.
Joe Biden pick a black woman
But first another dire warning, this one from Black Men to Joe Biden pick a black woman or we will not be voting for you on November 3rd. I guess that is blowing Governor Gretchen Whitmer out of the water and after all her top shelf pandering too.

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