Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Democrats are in full on panic about the 2020 Presidential Election. How do I know? Well Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy the Election in Florida and is spending $100 million dollars starting right now. This is not the move of someone who thinks they are winning.

Joe Biden apparently was not having a very lucid weekend and retreated back into his basement. The President meanwhile was holding day long conversations with Hispanic leaders in Nevada and held two rallies in the important swing states. Well Joe Biden cannot keep up with Donald Trump, period!

I never thought I would see a day in America where rioters would gather at the gates of the hospital cheering for cops to die. Officers that had been ambushed while sitting in their car BUT that is today's California and the war on law and order in America.

This is perpetuated by the anti-cop defund the police movement that's been allowed to fester and grow in Democrat controlled states and cities. Well ENOUGH America! Enough!

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