Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Air travel hits a 6 month high over the Labor Day Weekend, but its still a fraction of what it was before the pandemic and though it was better. It was a tough summer for the airlines.

Meanwhile north of the border in Quebec. Those in charge of public health say they will lock up uncooperative Covid patients in secret facilities, that’s comforting huh?

The Democrats see another week and wheel out another tell all behind the scenes book. This time its antique reporter, Bob Woodward, who for reasons I will never understand was granted an interview with President Trump where they discussed the Coronavirus. As you can imagine, the left is screaming Trump knew it was bad and didn’t say anything.

And there are tapes we are told. The Washington Post and NYT are going crazy, but hey we have been here before.

Psst...Trump wins!

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