Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

The radical road trips are being exposed as those arrested in Wisconsin came from hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away, in search of a riot to be part of. Which means these communities are a lot less volatile.

The Presidential Debates are getting closer to being real. The 3 moderators will be Chris Wallace of Fox News for debate number 1. Steve Scully of C-Span for debate number 2 and Kristen Welker of NBC for debate number 3.

Nancy’s big day at the Salon has become a nightmare for the soon to be former Speaker of the House. She went to get her hair done at a closed Hair Salon, while the public was not allowed and she paraded around indoors with no mask on by the way my barber puts a mask on me for the whole thing.

So, I watched a Joe Biden live stream on Joe Biden's Blue Checked Twitter feed  of his event yesterday. It had been on for a half hour and there were 3,600 people watching. That’s it! There were less than 5,000 likes.

An hour later a Trump motorcade video was viewed by 500,000 people. The motorcade in North Carolina 500,000 views in less than a half hour!

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