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California is in pursuit of the most perfect Socialist Utopia wants to jack up its highest in the country income tax by 3 and half percent putting the highest marginal rate all the way to 16.8% and then tack on another 4 tenths of a percent on everything you own anywhere in the world!

The strange case of Jessie Smollett is back in the headlines. It seems according to an independent investigation that the prosecutor in the case  Kim Foxx mishandled just about everything. I know, shocking right?

The greatest display of contempt for American traditions and institutions got rolling. Monday night the Democratic Conventions live from, well not exactly live, in fact taped in large part and played back for people to see Bernie Sanders, Gretchen Whitmer, and Michelle Obama among others on the virtual stage.

It was supposed to be in Milwaukee, but once again the Democrats skipped a stop in Wisconsin.I mean there is no way they could lose their twice, right?

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