Democrats are starting to tell the truth
Democrats in key positions around the country are starting to tell the truth about the plans they have to upend the Election in Michigan the Secretary of State isn’t even shy. She told the world on Sunday, they will likely not have voting results for a week after November 3rd.
Three Big Things you need to know
The exodus of police officers is accelerating all over the country and they flee from city’s that are openly hostile to them and are putting them in danger every single day. More rioting and looting and destruction all weekend once again.
News from around the world.
News from around the world. Straight from The Steve Gruber News Desk.
California is in pursuit of the most perfect Socialist Utopia wants to jack up its highest in the country income tax by 3 and half percent putting the highest marginal rate all the way to 16...
The new Big Lie from Democrats
The new Big Lie from Democrats is taking up the sycophant liberal media. This time it’s the Post Office and the Big Lie is that somehow President Trump is sinking the election by not cutting loose $10 Billion dollars from a relief fund. The fact is mail in balloting has already proven to be a…
The RACE IS ON! With Joe Biden the former Vice President picking Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate. The run to November is now getting serious.

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