Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has tossed out California’s ban on high capacity gun magazines. It is a stunner coming from the most liberal court in the nation!

Europe is seeing surging Covid-19 cases, which is weird, they had it under control we were told. But now it's apparently out of control. How will the media blame Trump for this one?

The new Big Lie from Democrats is taking up the sycophant liberal media. This time it’s the Post Office and the Big Lie is that somehow President Trump is sinking the election by not cutting loose $10 Billion dollars from a relief fund. The fact is mail in balloting has already proven to be a disaster.

In New York's 12th Congressional Democratic Primary more than 80,000 ballots were tossed out.

In Nevada more than 250,000 ballots returned as undeliverable. 96,000 of those from active voters—

In Michigan nearly 1,000 ballots rejected because the voters were dead!

Is any of this Trump’s fault? No of course not but the BIG LIE carry on!

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