News Straight From The Steve Gruber News Desk:

Schools are all out of sorts it seems. Some have their act together while others seem very much lost on the road to the beginning of the school year. What was the Governor saying about a coordinated response, yeah, ok Boomer!

The recent spikes in positive results for coronavirus may be coming in large part from prisons that are seeing the number of inmates and workers increasing. This is something we have talked about for weeks on the program.

Nearly 1 Million Michigan residents will be in line to get the extra $300 a week in Federal unemployment payments put up by President Trump in his recent Executive Order. However the state will not be chipping in the $100 most other states will be under the plan.

It means that despite all the noise and non-sense from the Democrats. President Trump has delivered for the hundreds of thousands of people that lost jobs when Governors ordered businesses to close.

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